Uniform & Requirements 

All dance class students are required to wear a uniform.

Plain baby pink or black dance wear
your choice of style. 


  • Leotards

  • Skirts (compulsory for ballet)

  • Dresses

  • T-shirts

  • Fitted shorts

  • 3/4 or long tights

  • Wrap cardigans

  • Ballet socks or tights

  • Pink or tan canvas, leather or satin ballet shoes

These items may be purchased from a store of your choice. We recommend Farmers, Kmart or TradeMe for new, affordable options.

Ballet shoes are available for purchase in classes.

The set uniform creates a streamlined visual effect. This allows the teacher to see all areas of technique, alignment, posture and skill and correct as needed. 
Uniform attire is also a traditional part of dance. This helps our young dancers have a sense of pride in their presentation, have confidence and experience enjoyment as they "dress up" for their class.

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